Jailadmin Drupal 7 Module Version 0.3 Released!


Shawn Webb

In preparation for my presentations, I've been ramping up development of my FreeBSD jail administration Drupal module. I'm proud to announce today the release of version 0.3. This release is a milestone release which makes it much more usable and efficient. You can download it here.

Changelog (major features noted in bold):

  • Add ability to create a template from a snapshot
  • Add ability to delete and revert snapshots
  • Add ability to set epair devices as span devices inside the bridged network
  • Properly show no-IP and span devices in jail status
  • Show next available epair device
  • Fix deleting physical device
  • Properly sanitize IP addresses that use CIDR notation
  • Grab the jail's path via ZFS
  • Properly check if jail is online