I’ve been working hard adding features and refining my FreeBSD vnet jail administration Drupal 7 module. I recently released version 0.2 of the project. It now supports using vnet to bridge directly to the physical NIC. This is an exciting release and I now consider the project usable. I will be releasing version 0.2.1 within the next day or two, which includes a few bug fixes and enhancements to existing features.

Here’s the full changelog (major features in bold):

  • Add ability to snapshot jail and upgrade jail's world (world upgrade still experimental)
  • Fix bug when selecting network. Add support for adding physical devices to bridges. Add support for bridges without IPs.
  • Support network-less jails
  • Make sure bridge and epair devices and IPs are unique in the UI layer
  • Display network status
  • Add ability to set up ssh
  • Add sshd to rc.conf
  • Add README
  • Add ability to persist basic jail settings in jail config page
  • Properly bring up the bridge
  • Use quotation marks when configuring the epair device
  • Delete network services and mounts upon deleting a jail
  • Phase 1 of adding security
  • Add sanity checking
  • Add quotations around commands that use the jail's name