A piece of great hit my RSS feed this morning: the head idiot of LulzSec, Sabu, as been arrested. Groups like LulzSec give hackers like me a bad name. I strive to create innovations, to further security research and development, and to give something back to the world. Criminal groups like LulzSec aim to destroy and disrespect the people who created the very technologies they abuse.

LulzSec had no talent. Every single one of their hacks were extremely simple 0days that they themselves didn’t create. The 0days were leaked to them. As any greedy and self-aggrandizing group would do, they took full credit.

Sabu snitched on every single member of his team. So much for loyalty. If the members of LulzSec would have taken about fifteen minutes to research what happened to previous criminal hacking groups, they would’ve known what they were facing. They would know that they would face with certainty jail time. They would know that each member would snitch on the others. They would know how to protect themselves. However, they decided to remain willfully ignorant of hacking’s history. They continued to boast as if they were the first ones in history to produce great hacks and they were never going to get caught. If you want a perfect definition of stupidity, look no further than LulzSec. Ignorance can be corrected; stupidity cannot.

Hacking’s history has taught us a few things:

  1. Do not discuss any illegal activity with anyone
  2. Do NOT discuss any illegal activity with anyone
  3. Do not associate with a group whose sole aim is to do illegal activities
  4. Do not hack the government
  5. Do not hack entities that have ties with the government
  6. Don't be stupid

LulzSec has broke every one of those rules. They’re now in jail. Let’s hope they drop the soap.