It’s been just over two months since my wife and I moved to Maryland to join Sourcefire. It’s been a lot of fun. My time is very limited right now. My server didn’t make the move cross-country, so I’ve stopped development of my hobby projects. I am working slowly on a new daemon for FreeBSD vnet jails. I have two Intel Pentium 4 servers that I’m running right now until I can get all the parts to build a new server. Once I get a new box, I’ll be back to spending more time honing my talents with my hobby projects.

Once I get the jail daemon fully functional, I will update my jailadmin Drupal module to be a frontend for the daemon. I’ll also work on an ncurses-based command-line frontend. I hope to have a beta version of the daemon available in around two months.

Libhijack is pretty much stalled. The FreeBSD developers have done a darn good job at making the RTLD secure. I make two steps forward, 1.5 steps backward. If anyone wants to help with this last piece, I’d love to get in touch.